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Tick-Tock-Toe is a fast and furious tic-tac-toe game with a twist: players must make a move within 5 seconds or lose their turn! I built Tick-Tock-Toe using native JavaScript along with jQuery and the Underscore library.

Features (Game Play)

  • Fast-paced: The game begins when the first player makes a move, triggering a countdown timer to make sure that each player makes their move within five seconds.
  • Keep time: The countdown displays the seconds left in the current turn, and the background color changes from blue to yellow, and then to red to warn the player that time is running out. After five seconds, the player is alerted that their turn is over.
  • Start and stop: If the game gets interrupted, players can use the Pause and Start buttons to pause the timer and restart it once they are ready to resume playing.
  • Play Again: Tick-Tock-Toe will automatically detect and announce when a player has won; if all possible moves have been made and no player has won, Tick-Tock-Toe will announce a Cat’s Game. It only takes the click of a button to reset the board and play again!


Languages, Libraries, and Frameworks: JavaScript, jQuery, Underscore.js

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