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The Buzz is a Ruby on Rails application that allows users to create wikis and collaborate on other wikis – like a smaller, trendier version of Wikipedia where users share knowledge and read what everyone’s buzzing about. For a small charge, users can upgrade their membership to Premium, allowing them to view, create, and collaborate on private wikis.


  • Users can create a standard account in order to create, edit, and collaborate on public wikis using Markdown syntax; anyone can view public wikis.
  • Users can pay to upgrade their account to Premium in order to view and create private wikis.
  • Premium users can allow others to view and collaborate on the private wikis they create.
  • Premium users can downgrade their account back to Standard.
  • When a user downgrades his or her account, his or her private wikis will automatically become public.


Languages, Libraries, and Frameworks: Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap

Databases: SQLite (Test, Development), PostgreSQL (Production)

Development Tools and Gems:

  • Devise for user authentication
  • SendGrid for email confirmation
  • Redcarpet for Markdown formatting
  • Pundit for authorization
  • Stripe for payments
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